Whether you’ve bought a new home, renting one or renovating, it’s hard to visualize how you should go about arranging your space. Do remember, you don’t have to be a designer to plan creative arrangements. What your home needs is a reflection of who you are; what you are about; your personal taste and style. A unique home is more appealing than cookie cutter arrangements. You don’t need a high budget to make your vision come true. Just keep these guidelines in mind.

Design Goals

Start with outlining your budget and design goals. Are you looking to create more space? Are you looking to refresh an old home? What pieces should you hold on to? Which ones should you let go? Do you wish to add a pop of colour or prefer subdued tones that are easy on the eyes? Outlining ideas will help you plan ahead.


The more cluttered your space is, the less room you have to move about. A home stuffed with furniture reflects a disorganized mind. Elegance starts with discarding items that you don’t need. Have a garage sale or get rid of pieces that have done their day. Give them away at flea markets or donate to charity. A clean, simple living space gives you more room to breathe.


Too many items haphazardly arranged all over the space wear out the eyes. Sophistication begins with one focal piece that catches the eye and everything else complimenting it. Consider a striking extra large wall hanging or bright painting that catches the eye, an exotic artifact or a large, unique furniture piece. Look out for something that is reasonably priced but exclusive or an expensive piece offered at a reduced deal. Summer if full of deals and discounts, so keep an eye out!

Hide the TV

A huge television in the living room distracts the eye from other exotic items. Conceal it behind a closed custom made cabinet with doors or consider keeping it in another room.

Unusual Pieces

Old is gold if it’s well maintained. An antique Persian carpet, a modern coffee table with a rustic look, throw pillows with a traditional touch, tribal art or exotic stools create intrigue add instant appeal. Colourful cushions in unusual fabrics make your living space look bright and cozy.

Cut Out Straight Lines

What makes the most expensive furniture look unimaginative is arranging them in boring straight lines or circles. Break the linear structure by introducing an unexpected silhouette. Pair sectional sofas with a tree-root coffee table. Place unusual stools with a square side table. Add interesting lamps. Unexpected shapes draw interest and make your living space look artistic.

Wall Mirrors

Add wall mirrors to expand the space. Wall mirrors placed at the opposite end of the window brings the sunlight into your living room. Keep a lookout for affordable finds. Similarly, unusual fabric, mix of metals with glass or wood can make your space look creative and luxurious. Accessorize with interesting cushions or sofa fabrics. Sharp contrasts are more interesting than colours that blend into each other, but it is important to find the right balance. Too many items in similar shades can look dull. Too many contrasts look cluttered.

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